Coordinated Master of Science in Health Administration/Master of Public Health Program

The coordinated Master of Science in Health Administration and Master of Public Health (MSHA/MPH) degree program is offered through the UAB School of Health Professions and the UAB School of Public Health. MPH focus courses may be customized to the experience and needs of the student.

The coordinated MSHA/MPH program results in two advanced degrees providing students with management and leadership skills necessary for a broad range of administrative positions in health services organizations. The addition of an MPH to the MSHA degree provides students with a fuller and richer perspective of population and global health issues including the epidemiology of disease, health behavior, the impact of environmental and occupational factors on patient health, disease progression, management of disease states, drug and insurance policy issues, patient access to health care, as well as social, legal and ethical issues. In addition, the MPH degree broadens career opportunities, providing a foundation for positions in research, government, and international health as well as private industry.


A total of 89 credit hours of coursework are required for the coordinated MSHA/MPH program. Courses typically include the Public Health Core plus 7 hours of Public Health focus course as well as the required HA courses. Normally, 42 credit hours are required for the MPH and 71 credit hours for the MSHA; however, because of the coordinated nature of the degrees, 12 credit hours from the HA curriculum are credited to the MPH and 9 hours from the MPH curriculum are credited to the MSHA. Students may complete the MPH program totally online, in class, or through a mix of online and in class experiences.

MPH Core Requirements: (14 hours)
PUH 601This is Public Health1
PUH 602Community Assessment3
PUH 603Quantitative Methods in Public Health3
PUH 604Programs and Policies3
PUH 605Public Health Management and Evaluation3
PUH 606Leadership for Evidence-Based Public Health1
Population Health Degree Requirement: (3 hours)
PUH 610Population Health3
Approved Electives: (7 hours)
Select 7 credit hours of Public Health 600-699 level courses7
Integrative Learning Experience and Internship:
PUH 695Environment and Health: The MPH Capstone3
HA 675Health Administration Internship3
Total SOPH Hours:30
Shared Hours with MSHA Curriculum: (12 hours)
HA 605Health Policy and Politics in the U.S.3
HA 612Essentials of Health and Human Disease3
HA 613Health Law3
HA 620Healthcare Financial Management I3
Total Earned Hours for MPH:42
Remaining MSHA Program Requirements (42 hours):
HA 602Introduction to Health Care Systems3-5
HA 606Operations Management & Process Improvement in Health Care Organizations3-4
HA 621Healthcare Financial Management II3
HA 625Strategic Planning and Management3
HA 628Leadership Development3
HA 631Organization Theory and Behavior3
HA 632Quantitative Methods in Health Services Admin3
HA 635Human Resources Management in Health Services Administration3
HA 671Health Care Marketing3
HA 680Health Administration Capstone2
HA 690Administrative Residency Part 1 and 2 is 10 hours2-6
HCO 601Health Economics3
HI 640Intro to Health Informatics and Health Care Delivery3-4
Total Hours Earned for MSHA Degree:62
Total Hours for both MPH/MSHA Degrees:89