Specialized Programs

Not all Honors College students choose a personalized pathway — some find a perfect academic fit in one of our three specialized honors programs. The Global and Community Leadership Honors Program, Science and Technology Honors Program, and University Honors Program lay out a curriculum of courses and experiences to thoroughly explore global leadership, science and technology, or interdisciplinary arts and sciences.

Once students have been admitted to the UAB Honors College, they may apply to one or more of the specialized programs. Admission to these programs is competitive, and students must submit an additional program application no later than January 15

Experiential Learning Scholars Program

Based on the outstanding success of this pilot program, the UAB Honors College now incorporates experiential learning for all honors students, and we are no longer accepting applications for this program. 

EL 199. Honors Experiential Learning Plan. 0 Hours.

Provides an opportunity for a customized learning plan to integrate the student's values, goals, academic plan to include but not limited to applicable and relevant research, service learning, and study abroad experiences.

EL 299. Experiential Learning Activity. 0 Hours.

Expansion of EL 199. Requires student engagement in the activities outlined in the Honors Experiential Learning Plan.

EL 499. Senior Honors Project. 0 Hours.

Cumulative synthesis of the student's academic, real-world, and unique experiences in the field which is shared with other students and faculty.