EDA-Art Education

EDA 534. Methods I: Visual Arts. 3 Hours.

Introduction to teaching visual arts in school settings. Developing basic skills in planning, instruction, and assessment. Admission to Alternative Master's Program required.

EDA 564. Methods II: Visual Arts. 3 Hours.

Preparation to plan, teach and assess the visual arts in school settings: making informed decisions about context, learners, learner differences, teaching strategies, methodologies, curricula, and assessment.

EDA 583. Methods of Teaching Art. 3 Hours.

Preparation to teach art in schools. Learning experiences necessary for development of essential teaching competencies. Materials and methods in art studio media, technology skills for art classroom, art history and criticism, and current issues in art education. Admission to Alternative Master's Program required.

EDA 584. Methods of Teaching Art Lab. 1 Hour.

Methods of Teaching Art Lab required.

EDA 591. Art Education Final Exhibition. 3 Hours.

M.A. students plan and mount exhibition of work during final year. Graphicdesign students may prepare public portfolio presentation instead of exhibition. Art History students prepare a thesis research paper. Course is an independent study course taken with the student s thesis advisor.

EDA 651. Innovative Practices in Teaching Art in School. 3 Hours.

Innovative practices in planning, instructing, and evaluating in art education. Specialized study of contemporary needs in art and art education.

EDA 680. Advanced Methods: Visual Arts. 3 Hours.

Advanced methods for teaching the visual arts in grades 6-14. Includes curriculum development, classroom interaction, pedagogical activities, technology applications, source materials, current research, society issues, and cognitive development of students. Current classroom teaching required.
Prerequisites: GAC M

EDA 690. Internship in Art Education N-12. 3-9 Hours.

For Alternative Master's Program students. Observation and student teaching in elementary and secondary schools (15 full weeks in school setting). Approval of internship application required.