NBB 760. Biobehavioral Foundations in Nursing Research. 3 Hours.

Focuses on biobehavioral interactions among psychological and cognitive domain, social and environmental domain and biology as they affect health outcomes. The emphasis will be placed on the theories and concepts of each domain of biobehavioral interactions.

NBB 761. Biobehavioral Research: State of the Sciences. 3 Hours.

Focuses on in-depth exploration and critical analysis of current biobehavioral interaction research including conceptual and methodological issues. Examines the effectiveness of interventions on biobehavioral domains and health outcomes and identifies future directions for research.

NBB 762. Biobehavioral Research Seminar. 1-3 Hour.

Focuses on in-depth understanding of a selective area of biobehavioral research. Biological interactions with psychological, cognitive, social and environmental domains will be included in relation to actual and potential health outcomes. Current understanding in a selective area of biobehaviorlal research will be critically analyzed for conceptual and methodological issues.