PHR 701. Adv Prin Pharm-Sys&Pharmacok 1. 3 Hours.

PHR 702. Adv Prin Pharm-Sys&Pharmacok 2. 3 Hours.

PHR 720. Laboratory Rotation in Pharmacology. 1-12 Hour.

PHR 735. Nucleotide Metabolism and Chemotherapy. 3 Hours.

Principles, characteristics and therapeutics of nucleotide metabolism. This course is designed for second year and above graduate students.

PHR 744. Protein Mass Spectrometry. 3 Hours.

PHR 752. Pharmacokinetic Analysis. 1 Hour.

The course will provide a detailed introduction to the analysis of pharmacokinetic data preferably generated as part of the student¿s research. Descriptions of the use of appropriate analytical programs and the interpretation of pharmacokinetic data will be the major focus of this course.

PHR 754. Model Sys for Drug Discovery. 2 Hours.

This course will focus on the use of different genetically tractable model systems and their roles in drug discovery and drug development. The course will discuss the properties, benefits and deficiencies of major model systems used in drug discovery including yeast, zebrafish, xenographs, and genetically modified mouse strains.

PHR 790. Pharmacology Journal Club. 1 Hour.

Pharmacology Journal Club.

PHR 798. Doctoral Level Non-Dissertation Research. 1-12 Hour.

PHR 799. Doctoral Level Dissertation Research. 1-12 Hour.

Prerequisites: GAC Z