EDR-Reading Education

EDR 521. Reading in Content Areas. 1 Hour.

Application of principles of reading process to content-area materials and instruction. Designed for pre-service teachers. Field experience required concurrently with the field experience in a teaching methods course. Supervision fee $100.

EDR 540. Developmental Reading I. 1-4 Hour.

Materials and methods. Emphasis on planning balanced program and understanding reading process. Includes field experiences. Prerequisite: Admission to 5th-Year Program.
Prerequisites: EEC 650 [Min Grade: C]

EDR 541. Literature for Adolescents. 3 Hours.

Literary works written for or about adolescents.

EDR 543. Developmental Reading II. 1-4 Hour.

Reading process as it relates to content area materials. Includes field experience. Prerequisite: Admission to 5th-Year Program.
Prerequisites: EEC 612 [Min Grade: C]

EDR 551. Reading in Content Areas. 3 Hours.

Reading process; evaluation of content area materials; analysis of different content area textbooks; meeting individual differences. Supervision fee $100.

EDR 640. Reading Improvement Workshop. 3-6 Hours.

For inservice teachers of reading. Specific content varies according to needs of teachers.

EDR 645. Foundations of Reading. 3 Hours.

Early literacy experiences; beginning reading instruction; approaches to reading instruction; use of semantic, syntactic, and graphophonic clues; reading comprehension; and organization of reading program. Prerequisite: Admission to Fifth-Year Program. (If EDR 440, Developmental Reading I, has been taken, no credit will be given for EDR 645.).

EDR 650. Teaching Reading P-12. 3 Hours.

Understanding of reading process. Nature of reading programs; readiness motivation, methods, skills, assessment, evaluation, materials, and resources.

EDR 652. Pre and Early Reading Instruction. 3 Hours.

Theoretical bases, procedures, techniques, and materials for prereading and reading instruction. Prerequisite: Developmental reading course.

EDR 653. Literature for Grades P-12. 3 Hours.

Emphasis on needs of children, selection of books, societal issues in children's literature.

EDR 654. Dyslexia Research, Education & Advocacy. 3 Hours.

The purpose of this course is to provide candidates with an understanding of a balanced approach to literacy and research-based best practices for supporting literacy development among a diverse population of students. Additionally, this course provides knowledge of the approaches available to specialize curriculum for meeting the exceptional needs of students.

EDR 655. Reading Assessment and Evaluation. 3 Hours.

Examines evaluation techniques such as observation, standardized oral and silent reading tests and informal reading inventories such as miscue analysis.

EDR 656. Reading Strategies for Students with Reading Diff. 3 Hours.

Development and application strategies for remediating reading difficulties based on assessment and evaluation data.Prerequisite: Diagnostic reading course.

EDR 657. Supervision of Reading. 3 Hours.

Supervisor's role in improving reading instruction; methods of supervision and evaluation. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

EDR 659. Research and Problems in Reading. 3 Hours.

For teachers in elementary and early childhood education.

EDR 690. Internship in Reading. 1-3 Hour.

Supervised experience with children with reading difficulties. Prerequisites: Admission to reading certification program, permission of instructor and department.

EDR 691. Practicum in Reading. 3 Hours.

Practicum Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

EDR 692. Internship in Supervision of Reading. 3-6 Hours.

Internship Prerequisites: Admission to Reading Supervisor Program and permission of instructor.
Prerequisites: EDR 655 [Min Grade: C]

EDR 698. Independent Non-Thesis Research in Reading. 3 Hours.

Research Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

EDR 701. Advanced Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading. 3 Hours.

Examination of serious reading disabilities; diagnosis, possible remediation strategies, and development; diagnosis, possible remediation strategies, and development of remediation plan in lab setting. Prerequisites: Master's degree and M.A.-level diagnostic reading course or permission of instructor.

EDR 702. Reading: Theoretical Foundations. 3 Hours.

Relates concepts of learning, development, and linguistics to reading-learning process; emphasis on current theory; implications for program planning and classroom practice. Prerequisites: EDR 650 or permission of instructor, and master's degree.
Prerequisites: EDR 650 [Min Grade: C]

EDR 703. Advanced Research in Reading. 3 Hours.

Research Prerequisites: EDR 650 and master's degree.
Prerequisites: EDR 650 [Min Grade: C]

EDR 704. Field Experience in Reading. 3-6 Hours.

Supervised field experiences under direction of qualified reading consultant or supervisor in school setting. Prerequisites: Admission to Sixth-Year Program for Reading Teacher and permission of instructor.

EDR 705. Reading Instruction Seminar. 3 Hours.

Examination of trends and issues in field of reading. topics determined by each class. Prerequisites: Master's degree and 9 graduate hours in reading or permission of instructor.

EDR 706. Research. 1-3 Hour.

Research Prerequisites: Master's degree and permission of instructor.